‘GTA 5’ Money Coming By The End Of Next Week

GTA 5‘s money is coming soon to gamers everywhere, Rockstar assures us.

Not too long ago, early buyers in the millions had trouble with Grand Theft Auto Online and its tendency to make things vanish if you hadn’t saved the game correctly. Rockstar has been working to fix the problem, and has promised a stimulus package which will head out to gamers everywhere. The stimulus package is Rockstar’s way of apologizing for the issues that faced their earliest gamers.

However, Rockstar will not be releasing the stimulus package until they have the other issues fixed with patch 1.05. Don’t worry, digital ruffians, as the patch is coming early next week, fixing not only issues with items, characters, and other things vanishing online, but also exploits which allow you to cheat your way to being rich.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rockstar has already fixed the GTA 5 money issues part of the way by making the missions you repeat only pay out half as much. They did that because some missions are just fun, and gamers just want to keep playing them over again. On the other hand, some missions aren’t as fun and you will be able to skip them if you fail enough times in a row.

Anyway, the Grand Theft Auto Online stimulus package is still coming, and gamers will get their $500,000 in-game cash just a few days after the patch is released.

Since the game’s release, the GTA 5 money problems have been only one of several it launched with. Rockstar has dealt with cars disappearing straight out of garages, and players not being able to log in to GTA Online, alongside the problems mentioned above. This was Rockstar’s most ambitious project ever, and they had no idea what they were getting into, but they are determined to get it right eventually.

Don’t worry, Grand Theft Auto Online gamers, your GTA 5 money is coming most likely by late next week.

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