OS X Mavericks Adoption Rate Already At 10%, Free Platform Smashes Mountain Lion Record

The Apple OS X Mavericks OS was released less than two weeks ago with no charge and already more than 10% of all Mac users have upgraded to the new iOS. The OS X Mavericks Adoption rate was helped along by a platform which offers more than 200 new features. Based on current numbers, the Mavericks platform has skyrocketed past Mountain Lion in terms of a fast adoption rate.

NetMarketShare reports that OS X Mavericks is now installed on 0.84 percent of the global PC install base, or 10.8 percent of the total OS X install base of 7.73 percent.

What is most amazing is that Apple’s Mavericks platform reached those numbers in only 10 days. Chikita reports that it took Mountain Lion a full month to reach that same level.

In comparison, the Windows 8.1 platform, which is also free, reached 1.72 percent adoption in a one month-period. However, only Windows 8 customers could update to Windows 8.1, which eliminated many Windows 7, XP, and Vista users from the equation.

Arstechnica agrees with the OS X Mavericks vs. Windows 8.1 upgrade pattern:

“Apple’s decision to make Mavericks free to anyone with a compatible Mac should certainly help its adoption. Available for just a few weeks, already one in ten Mac users is on 10.9; only one in 50 Windows users is in 8.1. Indeed, only one in ten Windows users is on Windows 8.x. Apple has done in a couple of weeks what Microsoft has only managed in a year.”

While Microsoft would surely enjoy an increase in adoption rates, both companies have had their fair share of success by offering something for free to their customers. As more focus shifts to the Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace, we may see more free OS updates in the future as company’s battle for a percentage of app sales in place of traditional software sell-through rates.

I have personally upgraded to OS X Mavericks and I couldn’t be happier.

Are you already part of the OS X Mavericks adoption rate record? Why or why not?

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