‘State Of Decay’ DLC: October’s Over, So Where’s ‘Breakdown’?

Now that October is over and out, many State of Decay fans were left wondering why they didn’t get to enjoy the game’s first expansion pack.

Undead Labs originally promised to have the Breakdown DLC ready to go by the end of the month. However, October 31 came and went without the sandbox mode many were anxiously waiting to enjoy. According to the developers, gamers will have to wait a while longer.

According to a recent tweet, the boys and girls at Undead Labs encountered a few problems while getting ready to unleash State of Decay: Breakdown into the laps of eager players in the US. Instead of coughing up an expansion pack with a load of bugs and glitches, the developers decided to give the DLC a bit more polish instead of rushing it.

“Breakdown not out this week, y’all. We got the chance for extra testing time & grabbed it. Will announce a date when cert. is almost over,” Undead Labs tweeted on Wednesday.

Although the developers submitted the State of Decay DLC for certification three weeks ago, they reportedly “smacked into a couple of problems” along the way. It’s still unknown when Breakdown will arrive or how much the expansion pack will cost when it does.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Breakdown will ditch the missions in favor of a “sandbox mode” that forces gamers to survive for as long as possible. Once the heroes’ RV is fully repaired, players will venture into harder levels designed to test their mettle.

“Repairing is what takes the most time — the deeper you get into the game, the more problems the RV has, and the more time it takes to get it ready to go. The specific amount of time [to complete a level] changes on a case-by-case basis, but we’re trying to keep the worst-case scenario under an hour,” Undead Labs recently explained.

Instead of reaching a definite conclusion, the upcoming State of Decay expansion pack never ends. As long as you can keep your survivors alive and well, the game will just keep throwing harder challenges your way.

The developers said:

“‘Breakdown’ is an endless mode — that number will continue to go up until we run out of room for digits in the UI. And even then, the game doesn’t end. There is no final level. There are some natural limits on how dense we can actually make these zombie hordes, so it eventually caps out. But we’ve made the game so hard at this point that we can’t even survive.”

Are you looking forward to State of Decay: Breakdown?

[Image via Undead Labs]

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