Tom Hiddleston’s Unexpected Visit To ‘Thor’ Screening Makes Kids’ Day

Imagine being one of the kids that was at Thor: The Dark World screening on Halloween and seeing Tom Hiddleton, Loki himself, walking in the theater and introduce his film. That’s exactly what happened in New York on Thursday.

Millions of fans all over the world adore British actor Tom Hiddleston for his humble, vivacious personality, and of course, the looks don’t hurt either.

Once again, the thespian is proving that the affections of those fans, who call themselves the Hiddlestoners, are well placed.

It is things like his appearance on Thursday that sets him apart from other “celebrities”, a term he is not interested in being known for.

Tom Hiddleston arrived at AMC Empire 25 theater in Times Square for the special screening of Thor: The Dark World. He was there to thank Variety the Children’s Charity of New York and The Children’s Aid Society for their work with the city’s kids, and to give those youngsters the thrill of a lifetime.

“I am Loki and I am filled with glorious purpose,” Hiddleston said, mimicking the voice of his character as he came out to surprise the crowd at the event co-hosted by Disney, Marvel Studios, and the Daily News.

Even though Hiddleston plays the hideous villain Loki, who makes Thor’s life miserable, he is nothing like his character, actually he couldn’t be more different.

Tom Hiddleston has become one of the favorite Marvel villains, and that is saying a lot, considering he plays opposite the very sexy Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

The British actor said coming to the screening was “amazing,” and even though he had to rush from the airport to the theater, it was “worth it.”

“I just landed from London at 4 pm and to sort of come through the airport, throw on some clothes and come into that response where there were just 300 kids so excited to be there,” Hiddleston said, “To see that enthusiasm, to see them clap and cheer, wearing Loki T-shirts and swinging hammers, that was really gratifying.”

As to the kids, well, to say that they were excited to see one of the major stars of the film right there with them would be an understatement.

“Oh my God, I screamed for my life, he’s a good actor,” said 13-year-old Bryonnah Justiniano of Tom Hiddleston getting introduced by Marvel Studio’s Joe Quesada.

A moment the children will never forget. And that is why Tom Hidddleston has so many loyal fans all around the world. Are you planning to see Thor: The Dark World?

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