Guy Fieri Courtroom Sketch Is Fantastic

Guy Fieri has a… let’s say, interesting, look. The colorful cook recently took the stand to testify about his stolen Lamborghini and we should all be happy that he did. Why? Because now we have this awesome courtroom sketch of the Mr. TGIF.

The trial was in no means a laughing matter. Max Wade, 19, was found guilty of commercial burglary and auto theft today. Wade, who was also found guilty of attempted murder for another crime, said that he stole Fieri’s $200,000 convertible to impress a girl.

The teenager now faces 30 years in prison.

And during all of the legal drama, prison sentences, and testimonies about guns and car thefts, Guy Fiery sat like a cartoon character in the courtroom.

I wish I knew the name of the courtroom artist so that we could give him / her credit for their awesome creation. In fact, I hope the artist uses this sketch as the basis for a new cartoon. “The Adventures Of Mr. Flavortown.”

Guyism writes: “That hair. That beautifully drawn hair. While I don’t believe we should necessarily expose Guy Fieri to our already-too-fat youth, I would absolutely pay to see this version of Guy Fieri in a children’s book.”

But enough chatter. Here’s the Guy Fieri courtroom sketch.

[Image Via James W. Photography /]

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