Yes, Duke Nukem Forever is delayed again

Duke Nukem Forever
, the game with the most ironic name in videogame development, is delayed again. It’s true. The title is now set to launch in North America on June 10th (rather than May 3rd), and everywhere else on June 14th. No laughing at the back, please. Okay, maybe a bit of laughing.

Forever has long been a standing industry joke for its constant delays, having been in development since 1997, when it looked like this:

It looks a lot more lovely now (see here), but clearly hasn’t become prone to being held up. I think this is probably more funny than heart-breaking, though – the game is coming, and fans are being kept updated. Gearbox Software bossman Randy Pitchford filmed this short tongue-in-cheek announcement to reveal the delay:

[Via press release]

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