Nick Minaj Racy Outfit Inspires Halloween Costume For Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj looks like she could be dressed for Halloween on any given day of the year, so Ellen DeGeneres decided to take a cue from the rapper’s outrageous attire for her show on October 31.

Ellen came on stage wearing a very revealing outfit, one that was an exact replica of what Minaj wore on the show a few weeks ago.

Nicki Minaj wore black leather pants with a black cardigan that left a large portion of her upper half exposed.

“Let me start by saying my eyes are up here,” the 55-year-old host joked. “This year I decided to go as something really scary — half naked.”

“Of course, I’m Nicki Minaj,” Ellen explained. “Nicki was on the show a few weeks ago and her shirt was not. She took our show from PG to double D.”

Ellen copied the outfit to a T.

“I got the whole look down. I even have the same shoes on. I think I do — I can’t see my feet — but I think I do,” DeGeneres joked. “I normally don’t wear things this sexy, but when you dress as Nicki Minaj you have to. So here are my boom booms and my super bass.”

Ellen even joked about the large amount of cleavage the outfit showed.

“And in case you’re wondering these are real,” she said.

It may have been a joke, but Ellen actually earned good marks for her Nicki Minaj costume. E! News correspondent JJ Moore said she actually nailed the outfit.

“But here’s the hysterical thing about this TV gag—we actually think Ellen makes an amazing Nicki. The blonde locks and black roots suit her fair skin, the ‘boob job’ somehow works on her slight frame, and we love her with a little extra junk in the trunk,” Moore wrote.

There’s no word on whether Nicki Minaj dressed up as Ellen DeGeneres for Halloween.

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