One gamer already queuing for his Nintendo 3DS

In about 26 hours, I’ll be going to a midnight launch to pick up my Nintendo 3DS from a store in the UK. However, my eagerness for Nintendo’s new portable console pales when compared to this guy.

Nintendo fan ‘Triforce’ started lining up for his 3DS at a Best Buy in Manhattan on Monday, SEVEN WHOLE DAYS before the console launches in North America (that date again: Sunday March 27th!). His reasoning? “There’s always some secret free stuff that you get. Sometimes you get a free game, maybe the system free, some free swag.” He also “wants to support Nintendo.”

This sort of fanboy commitment might be easy to poke fun at, but hell, Triforce seems like a decent bloke, so here’s hoping the weather holds and he gets that free 3DS. Here’s an interview:

[RGP, via Destructoid]

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