George Clooney Shoots Down Recent Dating Rumors

George Clooney wants the world to know that all of these dating rumors are bogus.

If you subscribe to the gossip that’s made the rounds as of late, then the Monuments Men star is juggling three women at the moment. Since his split from Stacy Keibler earlier this year, the actor has reportedly dated everyone from Katie Holmes to model Monika Jakisic.

The most recent George Clooney rumor to make headlines suggests that he’s presently getting cozy with Julian Assange’s lawyer Amal Alamuddin. During his recent chat with People magazine, the acclaimed actor shot down each and every one of these reports.

“Three different stories in three weeks. I should be an athlete. But no, of course, it’s all made up,” Clooney recently told the publication.

According to Digital Spy, spokesperson Stan Rosenfield also addressed these juicy bits of unsubstantiated gossip. Not surprisingly, Rosenfield also said the rumors are nothing but malarkey.

George Clooney’s spokesperson explained:

“George wants this Monika crap to stop. He wants Katie to get a break, and he wants Amal to be able to prosecute cases without being hassled because she had one dinner with George and four others. I even asked George if these [reports] were true and he said he never comments on his private life, but in the interest of stopping the harassment of all three of these women, he felt he should.”

You’re probably asking yourself, “Is there any George Clooney reports on the internet that I can put stock into?” As long as it deals with his cinematic output, you’re probably good.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Clooney’s upcoming dramatic comedy The Monuments Men will miss its scheduled release date. Instead, the director hopes to have the project up and running by next year. According to reports, the Out of Sight star wants to spend a bit more time with the special effects.

“We just didn’t have enough time. If any of the effects looked cheesy, the whole movie would look cheesy. We simply don’t have enough people to work enough hours to finish it,” George Clooney recently told The Los Angeles Times.

As a result of the delay, the film is no longer eligible for any awards this year. The release date shuffle also forces Columbia Pictures to retool their promotional material.

What do you think about George Clooney addressing rumors about his love life?

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