He stole my laptop, I stole his dignity

Apparently, it has not yet been codified into general post-thievery guidelines that one should not use a purloined piece of equipment to take pictures of oneself.

Mark Bao, an 18-year-old technology entrepreneur and guy whose laptop was backed up to cloud storage, became one laptop less wealthy not too long ago. The thief has not been ID’s by name by Bao, but he unleashed revenge far more humiliating upon the young man when he was able to access activity on his computer after it was stolen. Bao said on Twitter: ““Wow. The first thing that MacBook thieves do REALLY IS take pictures on Photo Booth. I didn’t think they were that dumb.”

Bao didn’t release the images- but he did post a video to YouTube of the thief’s sweet dance moves to Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain.” The unnamed thief ostensibly did not begin to feel remorse until the clip garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. He sent a heartfelt apology to Bao, begging him to “put down” the video, but Bao said the kid wasn’t in a great spot to bargain.

You can read a bit more of Bao’s story on the reddit thread about the video. Clip below, and remember kids- don’t steal or this could be you.

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