Brazil’s Testicular Cancer Mascot, Mr Balls, Is Terrifying

Brazil’s testicular cancer mascot, Mr Balls, could be one of the strangest and most bizarre servants to raise awareness of the disease to ever materialise.

He was designed by an awareness group to try and promote the disease, but, despite his good-will, his appearance is still one of the most terrifying and disturbing creations ever constructed.

Mr Balls, or “Senhor Testiculo,” is able to walk, smile, and blush despite the fact that he is shaped like a pair of male testicles, and his face has been orchestrated so that his bouffant and beard resemble public hair. Clever. Sick, but clever.

He then informs his congregation of the dangers of testicular cancer. Brazil’s testicular cancer mascot also has a massive grin, large daunting eyes, and two teeth, to try and encourage children to him.

Mr Balls made his first public appearance in the summer, at an event organised by the Associação de Assistência às Pessoas in Viçosa, Brazil. During his debut, he said hello to various children and adults, who were all slightly bemused and perplexed by his presence.

The non-profit organization’s website has declared Mr Balls a success, writing, “Both children and adults loved taking pictures with the mascot, a friendly showman in the shape of testicles.”

Mr Balls might not be the most subtle approach to raising awareness of testicular cancer, but you’re never going to forget his blotchy face ever again, are you?

You can check out an image of Mr Balls strutting his stuff below:


There have been other, less creepier, attempts made by cancer charities to try and inform the public of the disease.

In September 2011, Rhian Sugden, a lingerie model, touched herself in an attempt to raise awareness for testicular cancer., described the video as follows:

British portrait and fashion photographer ‘Rankin’ shot and directed our bold new awareness video! We’re over the moon to have Rankin on board! It was one hell of a day, but the true star was the gorgeous Rhian Sugden! She was amazing. This exciting video cements our status as the UK’s boldest and most daring charity. Thank you to everyone involved in this production to help save lives!

You can watch the clip here:

Research from the United Kingdom indicates that thousands of men a year die from either testicular, bowel, or prostate cancer because of the “culture of embarrassment” that stops men from talking about these issues. Their slogan, “Raising Awareness, Reducing Embarrassment,” sought to address the issue.

Which advertisement to raise awareness of testicular cancer resonated more with you? Mr. Balls’ or Rhian Sugden’s?

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