Remember Derek From ‘Full House?’ He’s A Chiseled, Gay Go-Go Dancer Now

Hey, what happened to that kid who played Derek in Full House? After coming out of the closet three years ago, he decided to become a male go-go dancer.

Though his former co-stars the Olsen twins went on to become international superstars, Blake McIver, who played Michelle Tanner’s semi-antagonistic playpal Derek in the classic ’90s sitcom, ended up falling into obscurity.

After a couple of other roles (most notably, Waldo in 1994’s The Little Rascals), McIver disappeared from the public eye.

In a recent interview with RumorFix, now-28-year-old McIver said that he started go-go dancing to boost his confidence after he came out as gay three years ago.

“I had so much shame about my body,” he said, admitting that he suffers from body-image issues. “This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun. I’m not hiding who I am anymore — not pretending I’m something I’m not.”

McIver is also an aspiring singer/songwriter, but had trouble breaking in to a music career. He ultimately decided to become a vocal coach, but had a hard time maintaining a regular income.

Go-go dancing came up as just a way to make ends meet, but McIver ended up loving it.

“I found it so liberating and empowering,” he said.

“The tips were good. In fact, I raised so much money I was able to finish my record – mission accomplished,” he beamed.

McIver has also made a return to acting. He starred on the premiere episode of Bravo’s new show The People’s Couch.

Here’s a picture of Blake McIver in some go-go dancing attire from his Instagram account. Semi-NSFW, people:

[h/t – Daily Mail]

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