Justin Bieber: Budding Graffiti Artist, Leads Fresh Tributes To ‘Pac’ The Hamster

Justin Bieber’s interest in graffiti art isn’t surprising, considering his pal Chris Brown spray painted the Canadian’s half-pipe at his Calabasas, Calif., home.

“I found a new hobby,” the singer captioned a photo, that revealed his hand partially covered in a palette of colors.

Keen to show off his new thing, Justin posted a gallery of his handiwork which was done in Bogotá, Colombia, where the teen star has just performed during the Latin America leg of his Believe tour.

The photo set included two tributes to Pac, his ex-pet hamster who died in March while in the care of a random Belieber he gave it to.

The first of these, titled “RIP PAC,” the 19-year-old is seen putting what look like final touches on a giant, jovial hamster.

Adorned with two chains, a flipped middle finger and “Thug Life” emblazoned across its chest, his former Believe tour mate lives again in graffiti form.

(Photo: JB Instagram “RIP PAC” posted Oct 31.)

Justin’s second photo is captioned “Getting better,” and shows Pac in deeper color, possibly more jovial, and still very much flipping his middle finger.

(Photo: JB Instagram, “Getting better,” posted Oct.31)

Venturing into not-at-all abstract art, Bieber’s third snap revealed the hooded heartthrob painting the words “Street Art” on a lit wall.

(Photo: JB Instagram “Street art,” posted Oct.31)

Skipping through one snap to the next graffiti giveaway, we are presented with a riot of fluorescent colors and words that may be of great significance to the singer.

Or not.

(Photo: JB Instagram)

Justin deleted one (possibly two) photo(s) for unknown reasons, one of which we rather liked.

It showed a bright pink broken heart with the word “Heart” written in bold underneath. The photo is tagged to “Heartbreaker” co-producer Maejor Ali, suggesting a connection to Bieber’s first “Music Mondays” single.

(Photo: JB Instagram, “@maejorali turn up,” posted Oct. 31.)

Some of the singer’s friends also posted Instagrams of their artwork. In one, uploaded by a young artist known on Instagram as Crazykhalil, he and Justin can be seen painting while a local police sits parked as guard.

(Photo: Crazykhalil, “Me & Bizzle trying something new,” posted Oct. 31)

Some commenters at Bieber’s Instagram account didn’t think much of the singer’s graffiti attempts and were fairly emphatic in their opinion sharing. However, others loved it.

We’re no experts, but for a rookie we think the pop prince should stick at it.

One day Bogota, next Banksy’s footsteps.

(Photo: JB Instagram ‘I found a new hobby,” posted Oct. 31)

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