Apple Urban Legends: Mean wife returns iPad 2, but “Apple says yes”

Making the rounds this morning is a story that pretty much everyone is skeptical about, and is annoying on several levels.

As the tale goes, a man bought a new iPad 2. But not long after, the coveted techie toy was returned to Apple. Apple big important people, who are painstakingly examining every returned iPad 2 (because they listened so well during antennagate!) came across the spurned iPad, supposedly affixed with a note that said, “wife says no.” Did they process the information and move on?

No, no they did not! In fact, they went and gave the poor disadvantaged husband with enough disposable income for an iPad 2 his very own iPad 2 with a different note attached- “Apple says yes.” I would definitely put dough on this tale being 100% fabricated, and irritating and condescending to boot. Aside from the whole cutesy “Apple says yes” thing, I think it’s the inclusion of the bitchy, fun-ruining wife that does it for me. Could you imagine the situation reversed with, “my husband said no?” Or the fact that even the short anecdote makes the husband sound like an emasculated manchild.

Do you put any stock in the story of the circumvented nagging fishwife and the iPad 2?

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