Katy Perry Wrote Love Letters To John Mayer Before They Dated

Before Katy Perry and John Mayer got serious about their relationship, the pair reportedly exchanged a series of love letters. Who said old-fashioned romance was dead?

Instead of falling head-first in love with the musician, Perry said she engaged in a “long courtship” that consisted of several letters filled with all sorts of romantic gestures. The “Roar” singer said the exchanges inspired her to write a tune called “Legendary Lovers” on her recently-released album Prism.

“I actually wrote it in an email one time, and after I wrote it I looked — we had a long courtship before anything was (public), just writing letters to each other — and seeing ‘legendary lovers,’ it sounded so nice,” Katy Perry recently explained to the folks at Entertainment Weekly.

She added, “Some things float into my mind, and I process them, and [then] make songs about them.”

Although Katy Perry has found a “legendary” romance with John Mayer, her love life wasn’t always so happy. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer spent several weeks in bed following the end of her marriage to comedian Russell Brand.

“I was pretty f***ed, yes. It hurt a lot — I got a good knock,” she told The Sunday Times.

Perry continued, “What I wanted to call this record at first was ‘Adult Reality,’ because ‘Teenage Dream’ was me so high on that cotton-candy cloud, and then it’s like I got punched in the face and kicked down the stairs a couple of times. I had to face the reality that things are not always on cloud nine.”

All of the heartache and despair she experienced during this time reportedly inspired her to pen the song “By the Grace of God.” This real-life tune also appears on her album Prism. Katy Perry said the song was “very autobiographical” since confidence in herself was essentially “shattered” by the breakup.

Perry told Billboard magazine that she contemplated suicide after the divorce. This obviously had a direct effect on the sort of material that made it onto her latest collection of songs.

“All the songs are real-life moments. I can only write autobiographically. I put all the evidence in the music. I tell my fans if they want to know the real truth about stuff, just listen to the songs,” she told the publication.

What do you think about singers Katy Perry and John Mayer exchanging several love letters before they started dating?

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