‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ PS4 Vs Xbox One: PlayStation 4 Runs At Higher Resolution

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be proof that in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war, Sony’s machine is the hands-down better performer.

Rumors have been flying for some time that some of the bigger games will run at a higher resolution on the PS4 than they will on Xbox One. Said rumors are probably not changing many people’s opinions either way, however. It was already stated in a survey on Reuters that out of the minority of gamers actually planning to buy a next gen console this holiday season, most of those planning on it chose the PlayStation 4.

While the Xbox One has the incredibly versatile Kinect peripheral and the haptic feedback controller buttons that the PS4 lacks, Sony’s console has sheer hype and processing power on its side. The processing power of the PlayStation 4 means that we could be seeing the same trend in graphics that we’ve seen in the current generation.

With the Xbox 360’s inferior graphics capabilities, games made for it and the PS3 had to be limited to what Microsoft’s console could do. In the console war of PS4 vs Xbox One, Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to be the game to prove that trend will happen again.

Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin said that the PlayStation 4 will run the game at 1080p from the start, while the Xbox One will run it at 720p and upscale to 1080p. The same thing will happen with Battlefield 4.

Simply put, if graphics mean that much to you, you should probably do what most next gen consumers are planning on in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war. Get the PlayStation 4, because its native resolution is proving more powerful.

Some developers are citing development problems with the Xbox One as well, and Microsoft says these rumors are “clouding logic and reason.” Microsoft is right about that, because the creator of Resident Evil, a veteran developer if there ever was one, recently stated that both consoles are identical to develop for. He said he only needed one to develop for both.

The fact that Call of Duty: Ghosts is one of the titles being used to point out the PlayStation 4’s superiority is actually ironic considering it was the game Microsoft started out showing off the Xbox One with in May.

Do the graphics matter enough to you to shun Microsoft in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war? Are Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4‘s resolution differences going to change your mind if you were planning to buy Microsoft’s console?

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