Remember That Time Steve Wozniak Fist Bumped DMX? [Video]

Running into celebrities is not a rare occurrence inside a Los Angeles airport. Running into DMX and Steve Wozniak at the same time while they fist bump is slightly more rare. I say slightly more rare because that is exactly what happened when a TMZ photog caught up with both men on Wednesday.

Watching the video is seriously looks like the DMX and The Woz (his rapper name), are about to join the production of a buddy cop comedy.

The best part of the video might be when the TMZ reporter starts talking about the Apple II and DMX has a look on his face like the guy is talking in some alien language.

We already know that DMX is “not a fan of the Google” or “the blogging” so we can’t say we are surprised that he is also apparently not a fan of the Apple II. But hey who could blame the guy, even Steve Wozniak recently turned away from a popular Apple product, announcing that he will not purchase an Apple iPad Air because of small storage options.

Let this photo forever be a reminder to you that Steve Wozniak is probably the coolest guy in the room, even when he’s talking about mathematical variables that maybe a few people actually understand:

Steve Wozniak is now officially the coolest guy to walk around with a high school kids backpack full of iPads, iPhones, and various other pieces of electronics.

Are you a fan of the Steve Wozniak and DMX fist bump?

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