Jon Hamm Shaved 3 Times A Day So ‘Mad Men’s’ Don Draper Is Smooth

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm has to be shaved two to three times a day when he is on the set of the hit AMC show in order to keep his face smooth.

Lana Horochowski, Mad Men’s makeup artist, has been discussing her working routine on the drama, and she has revealed that most of her day is taken up with shaving the actor’s face.

Horochowski told OK Magazine, “For so long, there were all so clean-shaven. We shoot such long hours, and for Jon [Hamm], we shave sometimes two, three times a day.”

She went on to add, “Now that we’re in the later season, some of them are wearing fake facial hair. It’s more skin maintenance. We throw a little tinted moisturizer on them.”

The 42-year-old actor often sports a huge, bushy beard when he isn’t on the set of Mad Men, and he was recently seen at the World Series match between St Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox with his impressive facial hair.

Dr. Peter Hino, who is a dermatologist that is based in Dallas, discussed Mr Hamm’s shaving requirements with, stating, “Never in my 23 years have I ever come across a time where I would recommend shaving more than once a day.”

He then added, “I understand he’s doing it for TV but, well, shaving that much would definitely cause irritation, razor burn, and razor bumps.”

Ms Horochowski also found time to discuss her work on the various members of the female cast too, stating that Jessica Pare, who plays Megan Draper on the acclaimed show, is applied with “crazy ‘Twiggy’ eyelashes.”

She went on to ad, “She’ll wear like three sets of lashes… we got for it… she’s very 60s.” Meanwhile Grace Kelly and Jackie O are the inspiration behind January Jones’ Betty Francis, and Christina Hendricks has to wear two different lip colors in order to portray the effervescent Joan Holloway.

However, Ms Horochowski confirmed that for the other men on the show her role is usually more about “skin maintenance,” which means that most of the time she is usually just applying moisturizer to improve their appearance.

Hamm isn’t the only celebrity who needs to shave his body several times a day. Chrissy Teigen, a Sports Illustrated model, has admitted that she needs to shave her legs twice a day.

Teigen confirmed, “I’ve shaved twice a day forever. Since the beginning. I shave in the morning. I feel it again if I have an event at night. My hair just grows that fast, and it’s thick. Where I don’t have hair, it’s crazy smooth, but where I do, it’s painfully obvious.”

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