Glenn Beck, Lawrence O’Donnell Teaming Up For Buddy Cop Movie (Yes, This Is Real)

Pundits Glenn Beck and Lawrence O’Donnell really don’t have anything in common, other than the fact that they’re both friends with entertainer and libertarian atheist Penn Jillette. But that friendship is apparently enough to get them both in a movie that Jillette is working on.

Jillette is crowd-funding a horror movie called Director’s Cut, which has been marketed on FundAnything under the tagline “Help Make Penn a Bad Guy.” Aside from casting himself as the villain, Jillette is also keen on bringing in MSNBC’s O’Donnell and Blaze TV’s Beck for some shared screen time.

They won’t be playing themselves, either. Jillette wants them to play police officers and partners.

Jillette has apparently pitched the idea already, he just needs a firm commitment.

“I’m friends with Glenn Beck. I’m friends with Lawrence O’Donnell. I don’t believe anyone else in the world can claim both of these things. And I disagree with both of them, almost as much as they disagree with each other. Glenn and Lawrence teamed up to do a “Make Penn Bad” video. It’s the first time, to my knowledge they have ever appeared together. Keep checking back here, because it’ll be up soon. No matter which one of them you hate, you’ll love this video.

“I have gotten a tentative okay from BOTH Glenn and Lawrence to be in Director’s Cut. They have both agreed to appear AND ACT in Director’s Cut. Yeah, you’ve seen them in movies before, but it’s always playing themselves or generic newscasters. In our movie (and we’re all making this together), they will be playing police officers discussing their ‘good cop/bad cop’ strategy. Lawrence and Glenn have never met before but they will meet in person on the set of Director’s Cut.

“Some people who have contributed to the movie will be on the “Director’s Cut” set that day. There are crowd-funded extras in their scene. Some of our fellow filmmakers will witness in person this historic step towards world peace.
Y’all making me really bad… is helping to bring enemies together!

“Glenn and Lawrence, O’Donnell and Beck – the ultimate cop/buddy team, and you’re making it happen.


Neither O’Donnell nor Beck have confirmed their participation in Jillette’s film, and we have no idea whether they’re even aware that they’d be playing opposite each other. We do, however, have both pundits promoting Jillette’s movie and his fundraising efforts, albeit separately (video above).

Jillette’s campaign also made some awesome posters to give us an idea of what a Beck/O’Donnell partnership would look like.

So far, Jillette’s campaign has raised $867,793 of its $999,972 goal. There are four days left to donate. Can you picture Glenn Beck and Lawrence O’Donnell on the same side in a buddy cop film?

[h/t – Mediaite]

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