No Apple store for NYC’s Grand Central station

As an aside, I can think of no more off-puttingly inconvenient and unpleasant place for an Apple store than the already crowded and fast-moving Grand Central Station in New York City.

It appears, however, that rumors of an Apple store in the commuter hub that have now been dashed were actually just rumors in the first place, and there may have never have been plans to put up an Apple store in one of New York’s most trafficked spots. Given the nature of most visits to Grand Central (people either rushing in to work or desperately rushing away from the city) it doesn’t seem to be a super-intuitive spot even if it was briefly being considered.

TG Daily says the rumors were based on “speculation,” and adds:

Earlier this year, speculation began pouring in that Apple was in discussions with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency that owns Grand Central.

But apparently making such a move requires a very long and cumbersome approval process. At some point, it must have been too much of a hassle for Apple.

Could you see any need for an Apple store in this particular area? Would it be a convenience, or given the large crowds Apple stores draw, an overcrowded, understaffed nightmare?

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