‘Star Wars’ Bloopers Video With Never Before Seen Footage Goes Viral

A Star Wars: A New Hope bloopers video, has hit the internet and gone viral with millions of views on YouTube.

George Lucas, brought us Star Wars: Episode IV, the first movie in the original trilogy, 36 years ago and there are not many things true fans haven’t seen.

The new video was found by J.W. Rinzler, an editor and author for Lucasfilm’s book division, while he was researching the archives for his The Making Of Star Wars book, has gone viral, showing just how popular the epic films really are all these years later.

The clip was reportedly shown during the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, but was not expected to see the light of day anywhere else.

We don’t know if this is a leak or the video is out for good, but if you are able to watch this Star Wars gem, it’s worth your time.

So join the rest of the more than 3 million viewers that have seen the clip on YouTube and reminisce on what happens in the galaxy far, far away all those many years ago.

Much of the reel is silent and shows several, now famous, scenes and what happened as George Lucas was trying to get them right.

In one of the spoken portions, a cheeky Mark Hammill, who plays our hero, Luke Skywalker, asks, “How do you pronounce ‘supernova?’ (…) Is it supernova, or supernova?”

We also see costumes failing, like the one of the guard in the famous hallway scene who loses his helmet; a wheel can be seen under Luke’s landspeeder; the stormtroopers fall and slip; and Harrison Ford messes up his lines, resulting in him eating his head-set.

But not only the young actors are seen forgetting lines, the veterans Alec Guiness, who plays Obi Wan Kenobi and Peter Cushing, as Grand Moff Tarkin also had their moments in which they drew a blank. It’s quite refreshing to watch.

The original Star Wars trilogy was known for subtle lighter moments mixed in with the dramatic story of the trio made up of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, who were on a mission to destroy the dark side of the force led by Darth Vader. It comes as no surprise that the actors were having a good time while filming the saga.

Audiences will have the opportunity to revisit that far away galaxy once more, when J.J. Abrams and Disney bring Star Wars: Episode VII sometime in 2015.

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