Bob Barker Will Host ‘Price Is Right’ For His Birthday

Bob Barker will host The Price is Right for one week as he celebrates his 90th birthday. The former host will return to the popular game show for five days beginning on December 9. Barker retired as host in 2007 after 35 years.

CBS will honor Barker’s commitment to animal rights by including animal adoptions throughout the week. As reported by CBS News, on December 12, a special showcase will be presented to celebrate his actual birth date.

The Price is Right is one of the longest running and most well-known television game shows. Bob Barker began hosting the program with the 1972 premier. Upon his retirement, Drew Carey became the host.

At the beginning of each round, contestants are randomly chosen from the studio audience. The program’s announcer calls out each name, telling the contestants to “come on down” to the stage. The contestants’ reactions to being chosen are often the most entertaining part of the program.

With the contestants assembled in front of the stage, they are shown a product that is up for bid. Each contestant must guess the retail price of the item, without going over the actual price. A popular strategy is to bid $1, hoping all the other contestants will bid too much.

The winner of the first round advances to one of several pricing games. Some popular pricing games include Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Range Game. The winners of the pricing game advance to the The Big Wheel round. The wheel contains 20 different numbers between five cents and $1. Each contestant must spin the wheel at least one time. The person who gets closest to $1, without going over, will advance to the Showcase Showdown.

The Showcase Showdown is a battle between the last two contestants. Each contestant must bid on one showcase, which contains numerous items. The contestant who comes closest, without going over, will win the items in their showcase.

Throughout his Price is Right career Bob Barker often reminded his audience to spay and neuter their pets. With his retirement, the former game show host has actively fought for animal rights.

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