‘Twins’ Sequel ‘Triplets’ Is Actually Happening, Eddie Murphy To Co-Star

Remember the Twins sequel that was getting kicked around last year? Apparently someone is dead serious about making this project happen.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito comedy hit theaters back in 1988. Directed by Ivan Reitman — the same guy who gave us Ghostbusters — the movie’s premise was entirely hinged on the fact that the stars don’t look anything alike. The $15 million comedy ended up making $216 million around the world.

Since Hollywood’s latest gimmick is to cash in on nostalgia, producers are eager to get the Twins sequel off the ground. The follow-up, dubbed Triplets, will reportedly add Eddie Murphy to the mix as Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s long-lost brother.

According to Yahoo! Movies UK, writers Josh Gad and Ray Dixon were recently hired to pen the script for Triplets. Gad discussed the proposed follow-up while promoting the upcoming Disney flick Frozen.

The writer told Coming Soon:

“We’re very reverential to the original, but have our tongue firmly in our cheek. As it needs to be, it’s very modernized. It’s taking them into the new world and it’s acknowledging that comedy’s changed a lot in 20 years. If you saw ‘Twins’ and it was released as a movie currently, you’d be like, ‘This is really strange,’ so we honor that and we respect it, but we also play on it.”

Although producers have teased a possible Twins sequel for years, Gad insists that the project is actually happening. However, it’s unclear if this is actually a good idea.

“‘Triplets’ is getting very close. We handed in our first draft to much enthusiasm and we’re doing a second draft right now that’s like minuscule changes and it’s very exciting. It’s very real,” the writer recently explained.

While Gad and Dixon are making progress on the Twins sequel, director Ivan Reitman doesn’t necessarily think this thing needs to happen. The Inquisitr reported last year that the filmmaker wasn’t thrilled with the idea. Needless to say he probably won’t return to direct.

“With ‘Triplets,’ I’m quite nervous about it. I think it’s somebody’s commercial idea, and usually that’s a scary thought. There’s no writer, and there’s no idea yet. I think that was more of a press release than anything else,” Reitman told the folks at Collider.

If you like really odd comedies from the 80s, then you should definitely have a look at Twins. Check out the trailer for the 1988 flick below.

What do you think about the upcoming Twins sequel?

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