‘Wowzers In Me Trousers’ Highlights British Announcers NBA Commentary

When we watch an NBA game, the last thing we expect to hear from an announcer is the term “wowzers in me trousers,” but that is exactly what happened this week. That’s because a British announcer offered the commentary for a real NBA game.

Before you go thinking the NBA has lost its mind, the announcer was part of comedy sketch group The Exploding Heads and the color commentary was just an example of “Bad British Basketball Commentary.”

The group put together the footage from last season’s NBA Game 7 Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat.

Other favorite terms from the video include charging the hoop being changed to “Shrugs off challenges like a nonchalant Frenchman” and “The left winger legs it into the penalty box,” which comes from passing the ball down low.

My personal favorite is during the tip-off, when the announcer says, “And the dad throws up the ball — thanks dad!”

The video was uploaded to the Youtube channel TheExplodingHeads on October 25. Since its upload, the video has received 329,197 views. The comedy sketch has went over well with 1,243 thumbs up and 42 down votes.

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