Mike Tyson Tells Chris Brown To ‘Get It Together’

You know you’re in some big trouble when Mike Tyson is giving you advice. Chris Brown has made headlines yet again, and this time it’s for assaulting a man outside of a Washington hotel. Upon his arrest, Brown has received some advice from Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion was known as someone who had a huge temper back in his hey day. One incident that can sum up Tyson’s volatile ways dates back to a match from 1997. During his match with Evander Holyfield, Tyson notoriously bit off the boxer’s ear.

Years out from under the media’s lens, and a one man show on Broadway later, and it seems like Tyson has found at least some perspective on how to act in the media, which has led to the boxer giving Chris Brown some advice on his latest troubles. During an interview with 95.9 PLJ Morning Show, Tyson appeared on Tuesday to reach out to Chris Brown.

Of Chris Brown’s new incident, Mike Tyson admitted:

“I’m worried about him, because he’s really a sweet kid.”

Tyson stuck up for Chris Brown, but also had some tough love for the “sweet kid.”

“I like and admire that little guy, but if he keeps getting [involved in] these violent cases, they’re gonna put him somewhere where that’s all they do is assault people. Chris should know this, if you’re not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you.”

Chris Brown was arrested on Sunday night outside of the chic W Hotel, along with his bodyguard, under the charge of assault. Brown has since been released and pleaded not guilty to the charges. This said, Brown might have put his probation from his case with ex-girlfriend Rihanna in major jeopardy. Following his release, a judge put a preliminary hearing for Chris Brown and the defendants to take place on November 25. If convicted Brown may spend up to six months in jail.

Mike Tyson ended the portion of the interview by saying Chris Brown needs to “get it together.” Oddly enough this is the most sense Tyson has made in a long time. Let’s see if Chris Brown takes his advice.

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