Sesame Street Spoofs Showtime Drama ‘Homeland’ [Video]

Sesame Street is the longest running children’s program among American viewers. Over the years, the show has reinvented itself through pop culture references, and has been a guide for teaching children about cultural shifts that are going on in the world through songs. That said, Sesame Street still knows how to keep their sense of humor intact, and this time around in comes in the form of its many parodies.

A clip of Sesame Street’s latest victim was released, which sees the children’s show oddly enough parodying the beloved Showtime drama Homeland. For those who aren’t aware why this might be a little odd, it’s because Homeland centers around a bipolar CIA officer who often flies off the rails when she doesn’t take her medication, and encounters thriller-like situations while pursuing cases.

This isn’t the only adult themed show that Sesame Street has parodied. In the past, Sesame Street has used popular shows like Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy to teach lessons. Today’s Sesame Street gave a pretty hilarious portrayal of the characters on Homeland, if they were played by sheep. Instead of Homeland, this Sesame Street inspired parody is called “Homelamb.”

Sesame Street has released footage of the parody in a first look, which sees sheep versions of leads Carrie (Claire Danes), Saul (Mandy Patinkin), and “Nicholas Baaa-rody” (Damian Lewis).

For the Sesame Street “Homelamb” segment, Carrie is stuck with trying to figure out if her sheep friend Nicholas Baaa-rody is or isn’t who he says he is. That’s right — Nicholas Baaa-rody may not be a sheep after all, or at least he’s “not the sheep you think he is.”

In addition to Sesame Street parodying popular television series, it has also parodied popular songs like Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold”, Tony Bennett’s “Fly me to the Moon”, and James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful.”

Are you amused by Sesame Street’s Homeland spoof?

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