Mom Shames Pumpkin Thief In Hilarious Sign

A Washington, DC mom didn’t mince words when a pumpkin thief put a damper on her son’s second Halloween.

From the sign alone we can deduce that Becky Reina was displeased when her toddler son’s pumpkin, likely carved like the ones displayed beside the sign, was taken by a brazen jack-o-lantern jacker.

All parents are used to having to explain to kids that sometimes everyone in the world isn’t nice and friendly, and that their experiences in life will sometimes be unpleasantly colored by people who well fit a term that also begins with “jack.”

It was one of these sorts that likely snatched Reina’s son’s pumpkin from the front porch, and if you’ve ever spent time with a toddler, you know things like the pumpkin they selected and watched be carved and proudly set out on the steps mean a lot, and the unexpected theft of one could indeed sadden a child tremendously.

Reina reacted like many parents would, annoyed, frustrated, and inclined to swear at the person who likely made her little kid cry.

But instead of idly being angry, the mom made a big sign to place on the porch, shaming the pumpkin thief lest they return to the scene of the crime.

It began:

To the person who stole my son’s pumpkin. Thank you for the life lesson. This will help teach him that sometimes people are mean for no reason and you just have to brush it off.”

But quite amusingly, she continues:

“Because my son is two years old and cannot read this sign, I will add: You are an a**hole.”


The pic of the sign posted to Reddit by a neighbor has since gone viral, and Reina, 33, commented on her son’s disappointment and her impetus for making the attention grabbing statement:

“[My son] definitely understands what happened… We put them out last Sunday and every morning when we went out he would point to each and say ‘Daddy pumpkin, Mommy pumpkin, Tommy pumpkin, Abby pumpkin.’… I was livid but recognized there was nothing I could really do to keep him from finding out only his was missing.”

Reina adds:

“So I wanted to distract him and shame the thief. They might never see the sign, but the thought made me feel a bit better.”

Us, too, Becky. And after reading Becky Reina’s words to the pumpkin thief, and her son’s initial excitement described, we can only agree with the sentiment expressed.

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