David Beckham Car Crash Involved His Son Brooklyn

David Beckham car crash involved his son, according to multiple news sources.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, David Beckham recently announced his retirement from soccer.

Former soccer star David Beckham’s car was towed Saturday following a fender bender that happened in the star’s very own driveway in Beverly Hills. Police were called after David Beckham pulled out of his driveway directly into an oncoming white SUV.

Unfortunately, a large hedge prevented Beckham from seeing the driver and car and resulted in the accident. David Beckham’s bumper fell off completely and there was some other minor damage to the front right side of his $75,000 Range Rover Sport. The other driver was an unidentified woman and it is reported that the extent of damage to her Acura 4×4 was a smashed in right front side.

The woman involved was apparently very concerned with who was at fault in the accident, trying to verify what was caught on camera as evidence by asking photographers on the scene: “You saw it all on camera, right? I wasn’t speeding or anything”

A source allegedly close to the Beckham family verified the accident:

“There was an incident on Friday between David and a woman driving a car.”

Reports say that no legal action will be taken against either of the drivers, and one source reported that “no one was hurt and there was no need for drivers to exchange details.”

Another on the scene photographer weighed in on the David Beckham car crash:

“It sounded really serious so we drove up the road to see what happened and realized it was Beckham. The front fender was dragging on the ground, making a scraping noise on the pavement. It was pretty bad.”

David Beckham’s 14-year-old son Brooklyn was also in the car for the collision. This is the second car accident involving father and son. In 2011 they were involved in a pileup in L.A., but were also unharmed in that accident as well.

What do you think; is David Beckham just a driver unused to American driving, or does he just have bad luck?

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