Chris Brown’s Attorneys Worried About Rihanna Case After Recent Arrest

Chris Brown was arrested and charged with felony assault over the weekend after he beat down a man outside of a hotel. Brown was released from jail and the charge was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor because the man was not beaten too badly.

While most people would be worried about any type of assault charge, Chris Brown’s lawyers are more worried about the effects it will have on his Rihanna assault case

The Los Angeles County Probation Department is already conducting an investigation into the fight. If found guilty Chris Brown would be in direct violation of his court mandates five-year probation period.

A source close to the investigation tells TMZ, “It’s pretty clear he didn’t keep his nose clean. It sure seems like a violation.”

The process is already moving forward with the Probation Department preparing a report which will then be submitted to the judge in the Rihanna case. The District Attorney will also weigh in on Chris Brown’s actions. Given his past temper tantrums there is the very real possibility that the D.A. will ask for the revocation of his probation status.

Chris Brown is known for his temper issues. Not only did he punch Rihanna in the face, he also threw a chair through a large window inside a Good Morning American dress room, and he was engaged in a pretty intense battle with the rapper Drake.

His inability to get his temper under control could now land Chris Brown in jail for a period of four years. While he is not likely to serve a full sentence in the overcrowded California penal system, some type of time behind bars is likely.

Chris Brown was released without bail for his recent altercation and he was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the man he allegedly attacked. Brown has pled not guilty in the recent assault case.

Do you think Chris Brown deserves to spend some time behind jail because of his constant anger issues?

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