Troy Aikman Gay? Rumors Resurface After Allegations By Dexter Manley

Is Troy Aikman gay? Some people seem to think so…

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dexter Manley called Troy Aikman “queer” during a radio talk show, upsetting his hosts.

But Dexter Manley is a former Redskins player and FOX sports analyst Troy Aikman predicted Manley’s team would lose to the Broncos last Sunday. They did and Dexter Manley probably meant it as a bad joke or a flippant insult.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the homosexual community referred to themselves as “queer.” Remember Queer Eye For The Straight Guy? But even the word “homo,” which is a legitimate abbreviation for “homosexual” accepted by the PC police, is also considered to be offensive, so the intent and context are everything. It’s doubtful, but based upon a dictionary, Dexter Manley could have been claiming Troy Aikman was “deviating from the expected or normal” in saying that the Washington Redskins would lose.

In any case, rumors that claimed Troy Aikman gay largely started with Skip Bayless in the 1990’s, who was propagating this theory over the last several years:

“The coach definitely thought [Troy Aikman] was gay and a lot of his teammates thought he was gay. More than that, they thought he was racist and they thought he was trying to get Barry Switzer.”

This isn’t new to Troy Aikman. Depending on day of the the week, he’s either dating Cowboys cheerleader or a country music star and yet the tabloids are pinning him as gay or asexual.

Troy Aikman’s response? He’s “not so sure Skip’s not gay.” Also, technically Skip Bayless claims it’s now his own idea and he was just reporting what other Cowboys players were saying:

“A number of the Black players – with whom I was close – contended that he was bisexual.”

But Skip Bayless wasn’t the only to claim Troy Aikman is secretly in the closet or at least bisexual.

When Troy Aikman divorced his wife Rhonda after 10 years, rumors about the ex-Cowboys quarterback being gay sprang back to life. Denver Broncos player Brandon Lloyd said at the time that Troyman Aikman had sexuality issues:

“I don’t believe Troy Aikman anyway. He wasn’t man enough to admit his personal life situation as a player.”

The first openly gay NFL player named David Kopay suggested similar opinions about Troy Aikman and also apologized for trying to pull Troy Aikman “out of the closet.”

But some websites point out Troy Aikman is unlikely to be open about his beliefs, even if the rumors are true:

“The exchange demonstrates the difficult atmosphere gay players must face in the NFL. When a player’s sexuality is seen as something that can blatantly be used against them, is it any wonder none of them are open about it?”

Do you wonder if Troy Aikman is gay and bi-sexual?

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