Aaron Rodgers Leads Packers Against Arch Rivals Vikings In 44-31 Win

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lead his team to a convincing 44-31 win, their fourth in a row, against their arch rival, the neighboring Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football.

The game, played in Minnesota turf saw the quarterback at his best and gave the Pack their fourth win in a row, after starting the season in a less than convincing way.

Aaron Rodgers was not only able to get past the Vikings defense, he had to do it without three of their starting receivers.

The performance can be summarized like this: Aaron Rodgers was on.

The Sunday Night game saw 18-third-down plays by the Packers. Rodgers converted 13 of them.

The go-to-man for Rodgers was wide receiver Jordy Nelson. At one point he completed an 11-yard pass which ended the possession that lasted 15 plays and took 90-yards from the Vikes. Nelson was on too.

Right after Minnesota looked to maybe be getting some momentum, the pair did it again on 3rd-and-6, when Rodgers had a tiny opening and found Nelson who scored a 76-yard touchdown.

“The first throw was a tight one, [Nelson] got his head around just in time and made the catch,” Aaron Rodgers told NBC’s Michelle Tafoya. “The second one … he made an amazing catch and run. It’s no surprise he’s playing this well.”

And don’t believe for one minute that Minnesota didn’t have multiple chances to get to Aaron Rodgers, they simply were unable to capitalize and the QB showed once again why he is one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL.

The Packers had a total of eight possession and converted seven of them, not bad for a day’s of work.

“We got a great team, very well-coached, guys are ready to play,” Rodgers said. “It was loud in here, a tough environment, but guys stepped up.”

“Aaron managed this thing so well,” Mike McCarthy, the Packers coach told Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate. “I can’t say enough about his management skills, let alone his playing ability.”

McCarthy was not the only one singing Aaron Rodgers’ praises, Jordy Nelson also had nothing but great things to say about his team leader.

“He’s the top quarterback in the league, in my opinion,” Nelson said of Aaron Rodgers during NBC’s postgame show. “He’s going to lead this team … and make sure guys know what they’re doing.”

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