Jay-Z Defends Barneys Contract Following Claims Of Racial Profiling

Jay Z has been forced to go on the offensive after claims against the department store Barneys started pointing to racial profiling.

The famed rapper was urged to pull out of his contract to design a clothing line after an online petition was filed.

According to several reports, two black customers were stopped by police when attempting to shop at the luxury store in New York City.

In a statement on his website Jay-Z said he would look for the full facts before making quick and uneducated decisions. Jay-Z writes:

“Why am I being demonised, denounced and thrown on the cover of a newspaper for not speaking immediately? The negligent, erroneous reports and attacks on my character, intentions, and the spirit of this collaboration have forced me into a statement I didn’t want to make without the full facts.”

Profits from the Barneys deal are all going to Jay-Z’s foundation The Shawn Carter Foundation. That fact has led Jay-Z to be hesitant to pull out of the deal until all the facts are collected.

Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips both claim they were stopped by police while making purposes. Christian, 19, was stopped while purchase a $349 Ferragamo belt in April 2013. Phillips, 21, says she is suing after being stopped by detectives outside the store when she bought a $2,500 Celine handbag in February.

Following the report Barneys CEO Mark Lee offered his “sincere regret and deepest apologies” over the incidents.

According to Jay-Z:

“I am not making a dime from this collection. I do not stand to make millions, as falsely reported. Making a decision prematurely to pull out of this project, wouldn’t hurt Barneys or Shawn Carter, but all the people that stand a chance at higher education.”

Jay-Z says he understands what it feels like to be racially profiled but he will wait to announce a decision with all the facts at his disposal. “I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles?” he asked in his statement.

The Inquisitr will report on Jay-Z’s final decision when it is finally revealed.

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