2009 NFL Draft two years out: Minnesota Vikings

The 2009 draft class of the Minnesota Vikings continues to look pretty good. They may have landed up to three starters, and a majority of the picks made two years ago remain on the Vikings roster. Those are all solid indicators that this draft class was a success. Before we go any further here is a look at the 2009 Minnesota Vikings Draft class:

•Round One (22nd)- Percy Harvin WR
•Round Two (54th)- Phil Loadholt RT
•Round Three (86th)- Asher Allen CB
•Round Five (150th)- Jasper Brinkley LB
•Round Seven (231st)- Jamarca Sanford S

Now Percy Harvin is a starting Wide Out for this team, and even though he has not set the world of fire he is a very solid piece of the Vikings offense. Phil Loadholt had a pretty solid rookie year before going down with an injury in year two, and he still figures to be a long term starter for this team. Asher Allen has worked himself into a starting spot at corner and has done fairly well there. Jasper Brinkley filled in as a starter due to an injury in year one, and remains a solid back up in the middle. We can say much the same thing about Jamarca Sanford.

Without a doubt the 2009 Vikings draft class is well above average, and if they can continue drafting like this a quick rebuild could be the way this team gets over the hump and back to the NFL playoffs.

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