John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ Fails To Impress The Millennials

Director John Carpenter’s Halloween might be considered a classic to some, but apparently the movie doesn’t have the same impact it had 35 years ago.

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic slasher, Yahoo! decided to screen the flick for 10 college-age Millenials who hadn’t seen the movie before. Although some were clearly affected by the flick, most of these viewers weren’t exactly impressed with the endeavor.

Instead of finding John Carpenter’s Halloween scary, one viewer described the classic horror movie as “corny.” When asked to rate the film’s scariness on a scale of one to 10, the flick received an average score of 5.4. One viewer who was clearly unimpressed with Halloween gave it a score of two.

“Honestly, it didn’t scare me. I wasn’t startled by any of it,” University of South Carolina student Savannah Walker explained. Glendale Community College business major Jason Serio revealed that he spent most of the movie laughing. I’m sorry — LOLing.

According to Worst Previews, some of the viewers didn’t buy into the whole “unstoppable killer” scenario. Others complained about the characters’ inability to operate a light switch. One student had a much more pointed problem with John Carpenter’s Halloween.

“Did people [in the ’70s] just get naked while cooking because they spilled something? And seriously, Jamie Lee Curtis, you couldn’t have made sure he was dead those two times you beat him?” one viewer remarked. Fair enough.

Despite the movie’s inability to creep out the majority of these college-age Millenials, a few of the students walked away from the screening of Halloween feeling satisfied.

“I definitely screamed more times than I’d like to admit. The suspense is timeless. Alfred Hitchcock has proven that in my book, and it held true in this film,” William Pettipone explained. Of course, this is coming from someone who freely admits to being scared by M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water.

“There were parts in the beginning that were scary, and certain surprises in the film that were scary, but for the most part it got redundant,” New York University student Ritu Ghiya said. She added that Halloween didn’t stick with her once the viewing was over.

Although the younger generation may not find John Carpenter’s horror flick as scary as their elders, the film is still very much a fan favorite. To celebrate the movie’s 35th anniversary, the folks at Anchor Bay are issuing a brand new Blu-ray featuring a much better transfer. If you’re a fan of the horror classic, then you’ve probably bought the movie several times already. Now’s your chance to do it all over again.

Are you a fan of director John Carpenter’s classic horror flick Halloween? Do you think the film is as scary as it was 35 years ago?

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