Xbox One Release Date Closing In After ‘Invitation’ [Video]

The Xbox One release date is closing in less than a month from now, and Microsoft is seizing the moment by releasing yet another commercial. Thankfully this time the commercial isn’t showing off everything but the games.

Yes, the first TV spot was like a confirmation that Microsoft wasn’t thinking about the gamers when it focused on sports, fantasy football, Skype, and various TV functions. It mirrored their initial Xbox One reveal in May and only reinforced the general opinion that Microsoft cares more about making the console do everything for home entertainment than actually making something for the gamers.

While it shows ambition, gamers repeatedly told Microsoft what they wanted, and despite publicly denying it, the company wasn’t listening. Though ironically, they did listen when a petition on asked for the DRM policies to return, though if they’d read the comments they would have realized it was mostly Sony fans that were signing it. Yes, the completely internet-based idea is a sort of copy of Steam’s idea, which works well for PC gamers.

However, Valve is coming out with their own console, with controllers that are potentially better than those of both next-gen consoles.

With the Xbox One release date coming soon, Microsoft has some work to do just to repair their image from an uninspiring year of poor publicity. From former creative director Adam Orth to their original TV spot, confidence in the Xbox One has been a rather unthrilling roller coaster ride, and a lot of gamers have jumped ship and pre-ordered a PlayStation 4.

Xbox One commercial may not be enough to bring gamers back

To be fair, though, a recent poll indicated that most gamers really aren’t impressed with either of the next-gen consoles in the Xbox One vs PS4 battle. The PlayStation 4 is the clear winner, but the majority of those asked aren’t even planning to buy a new console this Holiday season.

In what may be an interesting turn for possibly the better with the pending Xbox One release date, Microsoft has released a new commercial which focuses more on the games, and only slightly on other forms of entertainment. With iconic items and people appearing throughout the commercial, such as Zachary Quinto’s Spock, one of the exotic cars from Forza 5, and one of the mech suits from Titanfall, the commercial reminds us that the Xbox One plays games, too.

As the Xbox One release date of November 22 closes in, do you think the new commercial “Invitation” could bring Microsoft back in time to compete?

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