Noise From A Single Fan Stops College Football Game [Video]

College football fans are known for being rowdy and loud, but what about a single fan? The Wake Forest-Miami game was stopped on Saturday after noise from a single fan halted play in a moment of confusion.

Wake Forest punter Alexander Kinal was standing in his own end zone preparing for a punt when a whistle was heard.

Announcers for the game quickly began yelling “There’s been no whistle!” but players for both teams had already halted play.

Both the offense and defense believed a penalty was called on the play and they awaited an official call.

However, there was no official whistle on the play, instead a fan in the stands blew their own whistle several times. Apparently they wanted Kinal to be thrown-off by the strange moment.

The plan to stop play momentarily worked as Wake Forest was forced to redo their punt. Miami was down 14-10 at the time of the fans noise making effort. In the end Miami didn’t need a fake penalty whistle to be used in order to turn a forced momentum change into a win. Miami ultimate won the match 24-21 during a last minute touchdown effort.

In the video a referee proclaims “during the play a member of the stand blew a whistle, it was not an official whistle, the play is called dead based on that, there is no safety, repeat fourth down.”

The announces mention that the whistle was blown in a similar fashion to official penalty calls.

The strange moment left fans in the stands staring on with confusion as referees explains what had just happened.

There is no word at this time to whether or not the fan who blew the whistle was detained for interfering with the game.

Are you surprised that a fan would risk being caught to possibly turn the moment of the game in their teams favor?

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