Brett Favre’s Memory Loss Is Severe, Doesn’t Remember Daughter’s Childhood

Former NFL star Brett Favre is the latest victim of severe memory loss.

In a recent interview Favre reveals that he has forgotten memories of his daughter growing up because of the hard hits he took throughout his 20 year career.

Favre calls it “pretty shocking” that he can’t remember his grown-up daughter playing youth soccer one summer.

Brett Favre admits that his memory loss as “put a little fear in me” while adding, “I think after 20 years [in the NFL], God only knows the toll.”

The NFL recently agreed to pay more than $765 million to retired players for brain-related injuries. With such a big star now claiming the same type of negative side-effects it could put pressure on NFL officials to further understand brain-related issues among players.

Brett Favre may be the perfect player to study for the purpose of brain-related issues and longevity. Favre started 321 consecutive games during his career and only retired after suffering from a knee injury last season.

Favre has said he is enjoying retirement and the time he now gets to spend with daughters, Brittany, 24, and Breleigh, 14, and his three-year-old grandson.

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Sports Talk 570 Brett Favre said, “I don’t remember my daughter playing soccer, playing youth soccer, one summer… I don’t remember that. I got a pretty good memory, and I have a tendency like we all do to say, “Where are my glasses?” and they’re on your head.”

Brett Favre adds, “This was pretty shocking to me that I couldn’t remember my daughter playing youth soccer, just one summer, I think… I remember her playing basketball, I remember her playing volleyball, so I kind of think maybe she only played a game or two. I think she played eight. So that’s a little bit scary to me.”

At just 44-years-old Favre’s memory loss is rather rapid and it highlights a problem faced by many NFL veterans who suffer from early on-set dementia and other memory-loss related diseases.

A study commissioned by the NFL in 2009 claims that of the 4,000 NFL retirees it is believed around 244 of them have cognitive disease. The normal rate for 4,000 people with cognitive disease is 48.

Do you think the NFL is going to take cognitive brain disease more seriously now that Brett Favre’s memory loss has been highlighted?

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