Cher Retirement: Singer Gives Hints, No Definitive Answer

Famed singer Cher may be retiring from the industry that made her famous. While the hitmaker plans to stop touring, she has hinted at the possibility of recording new music in the future.

Cher has been busy lately by helping Blake Shelton mentor singers on the hit NBC seriesThe Voice.

Cher is preparing to set out on her 49 date Dressed to Kill tour at which time she may stop performing live. News of Cher’s retirement from the road shouldn’t come as a surprise, she has revealed on several occasions that she hates setting out on lengthy road trips. The singer says she loves concerts but doesn’t like the endless travel that comes with them. Talking to UK TV personality Graham Norton she reveals:

“It’s ‘You’d better do it now ’cause you are never going to do it again.’ I love the shows but hate the road. It’s lonely and you never know where you are. It’s no fun and very isolating. The only thing that saves it is when you go out on stage. I’m not sure how long I can do it. I am 67, and I’m not going to do it if I don’t do it now.”

Cher will perform throughout 2014 before stepping out of the spotlight.

We won’t hold Cher to her retirement plans quite yet, you may recall that she did a farewell tour in 2004 that brought her fans out en masse.

These days “retirement tour” is another way to say “high priced tickets that still manage to lure in fans.”

When asked if she would record another album Cher said: “I guess it depends on what happens with this one. I won’t be doing this forever for sure but I do have dreams to fulfill that I haven’t even dreamt yet. There’s no end to idea and things you want to do.”

Will you be heading out to see Cher on her second retirement tour?

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