Beyonce Gets Epic Haka Welcome By All Blacks Rugby Team In New Zealand

Beyonce got an epic Haka welcome by the All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby team, as she visits the island nation during her Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Beyonce was honored with the performance, which is reserved for opposing Rugby teams and distinguished guests.

Haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the M?ori, the indigenous people in New Zealand.

It is an intimidating thing to see. The loud shouts and arm movements are accompanied by stamping of the feet and fierce facial expressions.

If you have ever attended or watched a Rugby match between the locals, known as the All Blacks, and another rival then you have a pretty good idea of what we are talking about.

Most regular tourists, unlike Beyonce, don’t get to experience the ceremony unless they go to specific locations in which it is performed as an attraction.

Beyonce is on a nine month tour around the world, dubbed Mrs. Carter World Tour in honor of husband Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, which started in April and will conclude in December.

Her stint in Australia and New Zealand runs from October 16 to November 9 and when the All Blacks found out the pop singer would be visiting the country they decided to welcome her in their traditional way.

This video is so cool as it shows Beyonce getting right into it and “learning” the moves as the team performs the intense classic dance and chants the war cries which are part of it. She is just as intense.

Thanks to the All Blacks, the Haka has become better known internationally as it is performed before their Rugby matches.

While in Auckland, New Zealand, Beyonce has not limited herself to performing, but has enough energy left to attempt a bungee jump from the Sky Tower, a 630 foot drop at an estimated 52 miles per hour.

Beyonce posted a #selfie on Instagram showing her inner wild side getting ready to jump from the building.

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