iPhone users again report time change glitch

It appears Apple still hasn’t gotten it together to accurately sync clocks for Daylight Savings Time fluctuations.

Some users report a seamless experience, and say their devices did not have difficulty coping with the change. Others grumbled that the clocks on their iPhones went back an hour instead of going ahead, says TG Daily:

At 2:00 AM on Sunday, millions of Americans were sound asleep while their electronic devices performed an automatic change of time to 3:00 AM. That is, of course, except for the iPhone, which decided to change to 1:00 AM instead.

Although Verizon users are said to have been more likely affected by the bug, some AT&T customers report failed or delayed alarms as well. Apple hasn’t addressed the issue, which also proved a hassle for some users on New Year’s Day and back in November, when the clocks fell back. Some users suggest powering the device off and then on again resolves the issue, but if you’re using an iPhone as your sole alarm, you should take note of the issue for future clock changes just in case.

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