Sean Hayes Blames NBC For His Sitcom’s Low Ratings

Sean Hayes isn’t ready to take the blame for his new sitcom’s low ratings. Instead, he’s willing to point the finger directly at NBC.

The former Will & Grace star returned to network television with his new show Sean Saves the World not too long ago. The comedy tells the story of a single gay father who is raising a teenage girl. Although Hayes firmly believes the program is spot-on, the actor feels NBC is partly to blame for its lack of success.

During a recent conversation with The TV Page, Sean Hayes discussed why the sitcom is struggling to find an audience on Thursday nights. In his humble opinion, the network should definitely shoulder a significant portion of the blame.

“It’s just the struggle of the elephant in the room, which is, ‘How do you get viewers to NBC? NBC programs great shows, it just doesn’t have the eyeballs CBS does,” Sean Hayes told the website.

He added, “Even if I wasn’t on the show, it’d be the funniest sitcom, to me, on the air right now. I wouldn’t change anything right now, I think it’s all working.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, critics haven’t been too nice about Sean Hayes and his new show. Although the star believes the new program is presently firing on all comedic cylinders, other folks don’t necessarily agree with this sentiment.

Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter had to say about Sean Saves the world:

“It’s hard to imagine what NBC was thinking when it bought ‘Sean Saves the World,’ a new sitcom it’s tossing into the now-lost cause that is Thursday night. Clearly it’s not going to save Thursdays, what with its oppressive laugh track. And it’s not going to save NBC, with its years-long, ill-conceived plan to make Thursday night a place for comedies that would actually attract viewers.”

According to Vulture, NBC is putting Parks and Recreation on a temporary hiatus until 2014 in an effort to draw more viewers to Sean Saves the World. Since the network believes the upcoming specials will work better for Sean Hayes’ show in the 8 o’clock time slot, the Amy Poehler series was recently placed on the back burner.

Sean Hayes thinks critics simply don’t like the show because it’s not a “hip” single-camera series like The Office or Parks and Recreation. What do viewers think of the comedy? Take a quick look at a handful of Twitter reactions below.

Are you a fan of Sean Hayes and Sean Saves the World? Do you think the folks at NBC are to blame for the new sitcom’s struggle to find an audience?

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