Justin Bieber ‘Doesn’t Take Orders’ In Perfectly Timed National Enquirer Story

Justin Bieber “refuses to take orders from anyone,” claims a source in a National Enquirer magazine story about the singer’s forthcoming movie-documentary, Believe 3D.

The infamous tabloid, previously specializing in “Alien, UFO, Elvis sighting” cover stories and sued multiple times for false reports about celebrities, claims the 19-year-old had a blazing row with his manager Scooter Braun and the film’s director Jon M. Chu during an alleged meeting about his conduct.

The National Enquirer’s purported insider said,

”Director Jon M. Chu and his manager Scooter Braun had a sit-down with Justin and laid down the ground rules; no speeding, no spitting, no screaming threats at paparazzi, fans or neighbours, no puffing on funny cigarettes – and absolutely no problems with police.”

“Justin’s headstrong and never likes being told what to do,” the alleged source continued.

“So his first reaction was to remind everyone that without him they wouldn’t have a movie to release. Then he started ranting and raving that he’s tired of people bossing him and calling the shots — so he won’t be taking orders from anyone.”

The source added Bieber’s team is desperate to keep the pop star under control because of the “huge mon[ies]” tied up in Believe and hopes of it grossing more than 2011’s Never Say Never.

The National Enquirer story has been picked up by a number of outlets who don’t find the premise that Bieber — a Believe co-producer who stands to profit from its potentially huge box-office, and actively promotes the film to his over 46 million Twitter followers — would be so unwilling to get on board with alleged PR suggestions that could benefit him financially, a tad odd.

In addition to the outwardly friendly, online communications typically seen between Bieber, Braun, and Chu, a Believe movie teaser released yesterday (Oct. 25) featured some of the singer’s team, family and pals offering advice from producer Rodney Jerkins’ “Stay humble” to mentor Usher’s “Don’t f_k it up.”

It’s worth noting it’s likely this footage would have been signed off on by the Canadian star, and in one scene the singer appeared to have no problem listening to the advice given.

The National Enquirer’s new story isn’t the first time the tabloid has been accused of inflating or inventing stories about Bieber, or other celebrities, public figures and ordinary people.

Gossip Cop’s open-ended file on the tabloid regularly debunks National Enquirer claims, the latest a story trumpeting the apparently impending “$40 million divorce” of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

IQ had previously discussed the ethics of repeating and publishing flimsily sourced tabloid stories that clearly seek to exploit bankable names and buzz topics. While Bieber’s drama-filled 2013 has filled headlines due in large part to his own efforts, a significant amount of skewed reporting and a slew of exaggerated or dubious claims described by Braun as a “witch hunt” has looped the news cycle.

Recent examples include a Daily Star story (first published Sep. 1) claiming Bieber’s father’s family considered the singer a “bad example” for wanting his step-siblings to visit him on his Believe world tour. Subsequent footage of the singer hanging out with his brother and sister backstage, later supervising three-year-old Jaxon at a Las Vegas boxing match last month, demonstrably negated the tabloid’s story.

A recent MediaTakeOut report claimed Bieber was punched in the jaw inside a Dominican Republic nightclub during a scuffle between the singer’s security team and local clubgoers. While the fight was captured on film, the “punch” aspect of the incident appears to be an embellishment. Of that claim, Justin tweeted,

Photographs taken of the singer since the date of the incident (Oct. 21) also reveal no sign of a facial injury.

Do you believe the National Enquirer’s claim that Bieber “doesn’t take orders,” or do you think it’s a story that cleverly plays on popular perceptions of the teen star?

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