Mobile Encryption Market Will Reach $230 Million By End Of 2013

The rise of mobile devices in the form of tablets and smartphones has been a boom for mobile encryption companies. According to market research firm ABI Research, by the end of 2013 mobile encryption sales will top $230 million.

The study suggests that Mobile encryption alone, including both software and services, will account for a large chunk of the $560 million mobile security industry.

ABI notes that device manufacturers and mobile providers have been slow to adopt better security software for their devices. ABI predicts that much of the segment’s growth will be pushed by security and mobile device management companies and not by manufacturers on their own.

The study suggests that manufacturers will soon need to reevaluate their mobile security strategies. An increasing number of businesses are connecting their workforces and they are specifically choosing devices that offer built-in security and quick to add mobile security options.

At the same time many employees are bringing their own devices to the office. IT departments are being forced to seek out mobile encryption and other security measures which can be deployed across a wide range of devices.

Because of the “bring your own device” culture ABI analysts believe that mobile authentication and encryption services are becoming more important and will only increase in need and scope in the coming months and years ahead. ABI further notes that “effective key management” of devices tops the list of company needs.

The research firm predicts that successful mobile encryption services will offer both resource integration and mobile device management services in a single package.

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