Netflix Is Considering A Twitter Movie

Could a Twitter movie soon become a reality? According to several sources streaming video service Netflix is considering a movie based around the creation of the micro-blogging service.

Movies about tech companies is nothing new, Facebook found success by way of The Social Network and Apple has the Ashton Kutcher led film Jobs. Another Steven Jobs movie is already in the works (plus there was the awesome Steve Jobs, Bill Gates movie Pirates of Silicon Valley) and the team behind The Social Network is also working on another Steve Jobs movie.

New York Times journalist Nick Bilton wrote a book called Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal, which is due out in November and according to TechCrunch, Sony and “several other major Hollywood studios” are interested.

Matthew Panzarino reports:

At least one of the studios involved wants to explore producing the project as an HBO or Netflix series, rather than a feature film. This could be due to the fact that there are a lot of dramatics arcs to cover in Hatching Twitter, coupled with the relative heat around award-winning series from the online video houses at the moment. Bilton’s book about the drama and intrigue surrounding the founding and growth of Twitter to a public company seems like ideal fodder for a Netflix original.

We don’t know if Sony has directly expressed interest in the project, however, Columbia Pictures, the network that put out The Social Network has been named as a possible producing partner.

The Social Network was nominated for eight Oscars and won three.

Netflix officials have claimed in recent days that the video streaming platform is moving towards the possibility of producing original movies.

What do you think about a Twitter movie, will it be dramatic enough to watch in theaters or is a Netflix original movie the better way to go?

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