Sean Hannity Offers To Pay Obamacare Operator’s Salary

Sean Hannity has offered to pay the salary of a former Obamacare operator for one year. Earling Davis was terminated from her position on the heathcare hotline, following a phone call with the radio host.

When Davis answered the call, she was warned that the conversation would be broadcast live on Hannity’s program. She consented to the call, providing polite and honest answers to several questions about the Affordable Care Act website.

When Davis reported to work the following morning, she was immediately escorted to the human resources department. The mother of two was informed that she was terminated for violating company policy.

Davis said she worked at the company for approximately five weeks. She said she was unaware of any rules against speaking to the media.

As reported by The Atlantic Wire, Sean Hannity apologized for making the call that cost the operator her job. He wanted to reimburse her for the trouble, so he spoke with his accountant about a monetary gift. The accountant said he could offer Davis a gift of $25,000 tax-free.

The gift will replace Davis’ annual salary while she seeks employment elsewhere. She said the gift was a much appreciated and unexpected blessing.

According to Fox News, Sean Hannity is “one of the most prominent and influential conservative voices in the country.” His self-titled program includes interviews and panelist discussion. The show is often audience-interactive, including web polls and the Hannity Live mobile application.

Prior to joining Fox, Hannity hosted a program on Atlanta’s WGST-AM and often filled in for Rush Limbaugh on WABC. He is also the author of three books about conservative politics.

Sean Hannity was voted Radio & Records National Talk Show Host of the Year three years in a row.

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