Johan Santana may be out for the entire 2011 season

Lately it doesn’t seem like the New York Mets can buy a piece of good news. Their owners are in financial trouble, the team has struggles on the field, and nothing seems to be going right. Now comes some rumors that Mets’ ace Johan Santana may miss the entire 2011 season while recovering from should surgery he had last fall. The team was already planning on him being out till at least the All Star break, but now it looks like he may not pitch in 2011 at all.

Of course the team is denying that fact, but there are lots of rumors out there that internally they are growing concerns about Johan’s lack of progress coming back from this surgery. Of course we all know that where there is smoke there is at least a little fire. Even though the Mets pitching coach claims that Santana has made significant progress someone within the Mets organization does not agree.

What this means for the Mets, as a team, in 2011 is not much. Again the expectations were Johan would miss a significant portion of the 2011 season. It just looks like the Mets will have to do without one of their high priced pieces for the 2011 season. That is not good for a team trying to gain ground and fill the seats of their brand new stadium.

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