Kate Upton: I Like My Man With A Mustache

Kate Upton likes her man with a mustache.

The beautiful 21-year-old model recently joined Team Gillette in order to show her support for the month of Movember. Upton is encouraging guys around the country to grow out their mustaches during November as part of the team’s campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Upton said: “I’m so excited to be able to participate in this Movember… I know Team Gillette will be rocking some awesome Mo’s by the end of the month, and it couldn’t be for a better cause.”

Upton told E! Online that she likes her man, especially during the month of November, to have a mustache.

The model said: “Definitely always have a mo during Movember.”

As for the rest of the year…. Well, Upton thinks that confidence is the most attractive feature of a man.

Upton said: “I think however they feel confident is how they look their best.”

Kate Upton gave a similar response in an interview with MTV. The beautiful model was asked who, President Obama, George Clooney, or Snoop Dogg, is the ideal man.

Upton responded: “Honestly, I think that this is part of the problem — men should be their own person. And people are always striving to be someone else, and you’re just setting yourself up for failure if you’re trying to be someone else.”

OK, now it’s time for the obligatory Kate Upton gallery.

Kate Upton may be devoting most of her time to important issues like mustaches and prostate cancer but the model also has opinions on everything from Twerking to objectification.

Upton said about twerking: “I think it’s fine. In an appropriate venue, at an appropriate time, it’s just people having fun.”

The model also commented on a quote from earlier this year. Upton said that she “felt like a piece of meat” after her first Sports Illustrated shoot.

Upton elaborated to MTV, saying: “Women need to have their own self-respect and know how they want to be treated. And it’s not about how they’re putting themselves out there; it’s about how men want to manipulate the situation for themselves. Women go along with a lot of things that they don’t feel comfortable with, and they don’t voice their opinion.”

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