World’s Strongest Beer: Snake Venom Contains 67.5% Alcohol

The world’s strongest beer just got a little stronger. Lewis Shand and John McKenzie, of Banffshire’s Brewmeister Brewery, who set the record last year with their Armageddon brew, topped the record with a new beer called Snake Venom.

Snake Venom contains an amazing 67.5% alcohol. That tops the previous record set by Armageddon which contained a measly 65%. Snake Venom is stronger than most liquors and is about 12 times stronger than most domestic beers. Which means that drinking one bottle of Snake Bite would be the rough equivalent (drunk-wise) to drinking an entire 12 pack of Bud Light.

Lewis, 27, said: “You’re not supposed to drink more than 35ml in one sitting. It should Be poured like it’s whisky. There’s too many bland beers out there and we are trying to push the limits. It’s still a beer, but it’s something different.”

According to the Daily Record, Shand and McKenzie set out to create the World’s Strongest beer after some of their fans complained that Armageddon just wasn’t strong enough. The two brewers worked for about nine months creating Snake Venom which is now available for about $100 per 275ml bottle.

Lewis said: “Snake Venom is definitely sharper in taste. With Armageddon, we actually tried to disguise the taste by making it quite oily. We thought if it was too strong, people wouldn’t like it. But the problem we found is that people said we shouldn’t have tried to cover up the intensity. Some even said they didn’t believe it was 65%, so this time we thought we’d go full out. We were too nice last time.”

Snake Venom is so strong that Shand and McKenzie decided to put a warning label on the neck to warn people about Snake Venom’s potency.

The Brewmeister Brewery writes on Facebook: “Here it is folks, the new world’s strongest beer Snake Venom at 67.5% – so strong that it has a warning label on the neck! Made using smoked peat malt, acid malt, US hops, ale yeast and champagne yeast!”

If you want to try Snake Venom beer you can order it here.

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