Aubrey Plaza Wants A Shot At Playing Catwoman

Aubrey Plaza said she is still waiting for her chance to play Catwoman.

During her recent chat with GQ magazine, the Parks and Recreation star discussed a number of topics ranging from angry masturbation to her new film The To Do List.

At one point during her recent interview, Aubrey Plaza mentioned once again that she wouldn’t mind playing the aforementioned superhero in an upcoming motion picture. Although she could be pulling everyone’s leg, for now let’s assume that the comedienne is dead serious about tackling the role.

“I want to be Catwoman. I want my shot at Catwoman, and I want it soon,” she told the publication.

This isn’t the first time Aubrey Plaza has mentioned playing the character on the big screen. During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly towards the end of the summer, the actress said she wanted to remake the Halle Berry flick Catwoman.

“I want to be Catwoman someday. Don’t laugh at me — I can do it. I want to remake Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ and star in it. Please let me. That movie is amazing,” she remarked.

Her interview with GQ also included some fun at the interviewer’s expense. When writer Mark Byrne left his tape recorder unattended at one point during their chat, he discovered a sophomoric surprise from Aubrey Plaza.

“Vagina. Penis. Balls. Old person’s penis. With a top hat on it. And a mustache. On the beach. Penis, vagina, penis, vagina, penis, vagina. Penis penis. Aaaand penis,” she joked.

The actress has a handful of projects in the works at the moment. Not only does she star in A Many Splintered Thing with Chris Evans and Ashley Tisdale, she also appears in About Alex and writer-director Jeff Baena’s comedy Life After Beth.

Although Aubrey Plaza is possibly trolling the world with her desire to play Catwoman, this writer is certainly hoping she’s dead series about starring in a Nicolas Cage movie. It really doesn’t matter to her what the project is as long as she appears on the poster with the guy.

“I definitely want to do a movie with Nicolas Cage. I want Nicolas Cage and me on a f***ing poster. I don’t care what the movie is. I want to be in a movie with him. It doesn’t matter. Any movie he’s in, I see in the movie theaters, usually opening night. I think he’s amazing. I don’t think he can do anything wrong,” she told EW.

Are you a fan of Aubrey Plaza? Do you think the actress is serious about playing Catwoman or is she just messing with our minds?

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