Kimye Prenup? Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Will Keep Assets Divided

Before Kimye ties the knot they will sign a pre-nup. Kim Kardashian is worth an estimated $40 million, while her famed-fiance has accumulated a whopping $90 million.

A source tells TMZ that the couple have agreed to keep their wealth separate. If they divorce in the future the pair will walk away with whatever they have personally earned over their lifetime.

Prenuptial agreements are fairly common around famous and rich people who can fully support themselves based on their own wealth.

Sources say Kimye are excited to get married but also realize that they should keep their financial future in check. The sources claim that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are both business people and therefore are approaching that aspect of their marriage like a business.

The snoop says Kim’s late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, repeatedly told her about the importance of creating clear contracts when it comes to money. Apparently the reality TV star took her late fathers words to heart.

While their earnings will be protected, it is also believed that the couple share a joint account that is used for living expenses. Given their lavish lifestyles we have to assume that such an account is or will be worth millions of dollars.

It appears from some reports that Kanye West is far more wealthy than Kim Kardashian. However, conflicting reports claim that Kim has already earned more than $100 million.

Kim Kardashian didn’t have the best of luck when she married Kris Humphries for a whopping 72-days. Of course this time around Kimye have a baby together which will likely help the relationship, at least over the short term.

In other Kimye news, it has been reported by NY Daily News that stepfather Bruce Jenner was not invited to attend Kanye’s surprise proposal to Kim. According to an insider, West and Jenner “have never had a real conversation.”

Do you think having a pre-nup drawn up shows doubts in the couple’s upcoming marriage or marks a smart business move given the success rate of Hollywood marriages?

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